Below are Testimonials provided by Homeowners and Colleagues

La Jolla - Coast Blvd Park

Anne Mariucci

"I am delighted to recommend the lighting designer Dianne Sheridan who did the work in our newly fully remodeled Penthouse in La Jolla. Not only is Dianne very talented, she is a joy to work with, keeps her commitments, and communicates effectively with workers in the field."

Anne Mariucci

Solana Beach

Christine Chung

"After having just completed a floor to ceiling, wall to wall renovation of our Solana Beach home, my husband and I have had a chance to reflect upon the experience. While the end product is definitely the result of a team of experts that collaborated to provide us with our dream home (featured in the March 2012 San Diego Home & Garden magazine), it is clear to us that Dianne Sheridan of Dianne Sheridan Designs competes heavily for our 'Most Valuable Player'. Dianne brought to our project an array of expertise that few individuals could possess. She spans the gamut of absolute necessities for task lighting to consideration of lighting as an artistic expression, and does it all with exacting attention to detail and a passion that brings fun and flavor to the project. Dianne is a quintessential perfectionist that interfaces with all project team members to ensure that every last detail is considered. The function and artistry that she brings to the table so undeniably elevated our project, we continue to be surprised that architects and contractors don't have a default consultation with her upon engaging clients."

Christine Chung

Rancho Santa Fe Farms

Scott Anderson, Feng Shui Consultant Services, Bamboo and Beyond No. 2, Inc.

"I have worked with Dianne Sheridan Designs on several high end projects and would highly recommend her lighting design and consultation services. Besides being a gifted designer, she knows her products, current building codes and truly brings a positive attitude to all collaborations. She literally makes everyone's work on a project look better by getting the lighting right the first time, on schedule and within budget".

Scott Anderson, Feng Shui Consultant Services, Bamboo and Beyond No. 2, Inc.

Heritage Estates

Ed Earl, Priority One Properties, Construction Project Management Services

"Working with Dianne Sheridan on the lighting design for a 27,000 sf estate home was an enjoyable and rewarding experience from start to finish. Dianne listened to the clients desires and skillfully created lighting designs that reflected their needs. She then worked closely with the electrical subcontractor and lighting suppliers to ensure the smooth implementation of the designs. During and after installation she was very hands-on, visiting the site to handle issues and finally working with the lighting controls subcontractor to create stunning lighting scenes throughout the residence. As the project manager for this large project, I appreciated her responsiveness, technical knowledge, attention to detail and passion for her craft."

Ed Earl, Priority One Properties, Construction Project Management Services

David Olney

Scripps Ranch

"We highly recommend Dianne's lighting services for any size job on any size budget. Our new home, a post SD wildfire home, is not ultra high end but Dianne's lighting upscaled it magnificently. I discovered her quite by accident via our architect and was impressed with her knowledge, design, philosophy and energy. I can say unequivocally that layered lighting, using the proper fixtures and dimmers makes all the difference for accent and mood lighting. It is equivalent to icing on the cake."

David Olney, Scripps Ranch

Jason Boriss

President @ FLX Lighting & Controls in San Diego

"Dianne Sheridan Designs provides quality lighting design that makes our job as a supplier and integrator so much easier. Her attention to detail and passion for design make her an invaluable asset on any job. I have experienced a high level of professionalism and great feedback from clients who have used her services. I will continue to refer my clients to Dianne for lighting design and I look forward to working with her in the years to come."

Jason Boriss, President @ FLX Lighting & Controls in San Diego

Annie Mitchell

OCS Lighting Manufacturer Sales Rep

"Dianne Sheridan is a homeowner’s dream. She takes into consideration the owner’s taste and budget and gives them a lighting design that fits both. Dianne understands the importance of lighting and how to compliment the architecture and interior design using a variety of luminaries. I highly recommend her when I am asked to refer a residential lighting designer."

Annie Mitchell, OCS Lighting Manufacturer Sales Rep