For Interior Designers

Almost every interior designer has an exceptional sense of how lighting can enhance their designs, but often times lack the technical knowledge required to select the proper luminaires (fixtures), lamps (light bulbs) and constantly changing LED photometrics specifications necessary to achieve the desired effects.  Because of the tremendous amount of product available, and levels of quality and effectiveness from one luminaire to another, it is no wonder interior designers can become overwhelmed.  The lighting designer’s role is to translate the interior designer's vision and design it into reality.  The collaboration that is necessary for that transformation to occur is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my involvement on a project.  Creating a work of indescribable beauty is truly a group effort, the earlier we can get in on a project together it allows us the necessary time to create the detailed documentation required for a cohesive and seamless construction process.  This design collaboration is invaluable to not only the building team, but ultimately the homeowner.