Hidden Valley - Escondido


Although this photo was taken on a sunny day, the techniques for effective illumination can be seen: above cabinet fixtures provide ambient lighting, under cabinet fixtures allow for task lighting that when dimmed down in the evening turns into mood lighting; recessed lighting over the island, at the sink and positioned in front of the wall cabinets provide a mix of general and task lighting; the decorative pendants located over the elevated counter at the island provides visual interest as well as task/general lighting; all the ingredients for an effective recipe of Kitchen lighting - and it all passes our CA code requirements to boot! :-)

Kitchen - Island Side ViewKitchen - Island Side View


This photo shows two different lighting techniques to illuminate artwork: a row of multiple recessed light fixtures located close to the wall uses a special trim to "wash" the wall with light, while the single recessed light fixture positioned a couple of feet from the wall (right side of photo) uses an adjustable trim to provide a point of light for the specific piece of artwork; both techniques are very effective.

Her VanityHer Vanity

For Her Vanity the use of decorative wall sconces, recessed lighting over the countertop and a wall mounted illuminated make-up mirror effectively lights the space that any woman would love.